Joie Whittaker

Violin & Viola


Teaching the violin has given me joy and purpose. It's extremely rewarding to see students improve, excel, and discover they can do hard things.

Joie has been playing the violin for more than 3/4 of her life (that’s over 35 years). She started with the school music program in fifth grade. The following summer, her mother put her in private lessons and her deep belief in the importance of private lessons was born. Joie and her family moved to St. George from Salt Lake City July of 2016. She now plays with the Southwest Symphony in the first violin section. She also plays and performs with several other local groups as well.

Joie has taught students from as young as 6 to adult, from beginner to advanced. Her teaching philosophy is that learning the violin is an amazing way for people to develop skills for learning and living. She believes that learning to play an instrument will provide confidence, help the brain develop faster and better ways for thinking and learning, and provide opportunity for growth and confidence! She also believes music should be fun and encourages students to search out and bring songs and pieces they are interested in. Music is like a new language - it takes time to learn, it takes practice to develop skills, and it takes diligence to master. But it is a language everyone can understand and appreciate.

 “Music is such a huge part of my life, I’m not sure where or who I would be without it. It has brought such joy, helped with self-confidence in profound and important ways, and has brought new opportunities for service and growth. I’m excited to pass on the skills I have learned to new students learning the best instrument ever!”

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