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Find your passion, increase your motivation, and belong to a musical community outside your practice room. All musicians are welcome! Invite your friends to attend!

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Enjoy any of the semesterly ELEVATE events for $25 per event or event bundle (see descriptions).

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Recitals -single event

Recitals offer students a chance to display their dedication to their private musical instruction in a performance-based setting. Recitals help students achieve the Resonance mission as they share their talents with each other and the community in a caring environment. Successful preparation and participation in these recitals helps elevate students' self-worth, courage as a performer, and assists them in becoming an emotionally mature musician as they learn to communicate with their audience through their music.

Spring 2022: February 5th

Event Coordinator: Rhea Miller

Contact: rheamillersing@hotmail.com


Festivals - single event

Like most music festivals, Resonance festivals include adjudicated elements, but we like to mix it up and provide a new experiences each semester! This Spring we would like to welcome you to enter our music competition. Students will perform a prepared piece for an adjudicator for a chance to be recognized as a top performer in their category. Healthy competitions can be great for injecting students and teachers with renewed passion, encouraging them to work harder and be at their very best. Whether students win an award or come away with a valuable learning experience, participation in this competition provides the opportunity for them to grow empathy, emotional maturity, and develop stronger feelings of self worth through hard work. 

Spring 2022: May 14th

Event Coordinator: Mark Gubler

Contact: mdgubler26@gmail.com


Master Classes - event bundle

Master Classes offer students expert instruction focused on four different areas; Musical Development, Traditional Master Class, Careers in Music, and Life/Self Improvement.


This is a unique opportunity to be taught, trained, and edified in many areas and aspects of music. Our Master Classes aim to elevate students through our Mission: To connect personalized musical experiences with valuable leadership attributes that elevate student self-worth, courage, emotional maturity, and empathy.

Spring 2022:

January 22nd - "Masterclass for Strings" featuring Rachel France (Concertmaster  SWS)

February 19th - "Classical Influence on Modern Pop" featuring Quartet No. 2

March 5th - "Balance" featuring Dr. Justin Traveller

April 30th - "Composition Workshop" featuring Dr. Kevin Olson

Event Coordinator: Joie Whittaker 

Contact: joeywhid@gmail.com


Practice Performances - event bundle

You know how to play your instrument, so why is performing so hard? Practice Performances give you the opportunity to exercise skills required to succeed on stage. From skills as simple as bowing, to skills as difficult as mastering stage fright, all can be put to the test as we practice performing for small groups of our like-minded students and receive coaching from talented teachers.

Spring 2022: 

January 24th - 6:15PM - Studio 6

January 28th - 6:00PM - Studio 6

January 31st - 6:15PM - Studio 6

February 4th - 6:00PM - Studio 6

May 2nd - 6:15PM - Studio 6

May 6th - 6:00PM - Studio 6

May 9th - 6:15PM - Studio 6

May 13th - 6:00PM - Studio 6

Event Coordinator: Locklin Hammett

Contact: locklinhammett@gmail.com